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Our Office is Bursting with this Good News

WINOmega 3
The Highest Quality Omega 3 Available

Breaking News from ABC–Good Morning America featured a new study of the lowered risk of breast cancer on 35,000 women who took Omega 3 Fish Oil. The breast cancer risks were lowered by 32%. Here in our Wellness and Weight Program, we feature WIN Omega 3–88% pure fish oil, manufactured in Norway in the same plant as t…he prescription brand. Please watch this life changing/saving video and share the results with your friends and family.

WIN Omega 3 is available in our office through our weight and wellness program, and at our website: 

Check it out, after watcing video through link below.


More information is also available through this link.

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Awesome Weight Loss Package

How does a person transform oneself from a professor of literature and writing to a weight and wellness counselor? Reinventing myself is my middle name. I started out after high school entering a dental hygiene program and practiced that art/science for about 10 years. Went back to college for a bachelors and found a new self in the humanities. I spent many years working at the university and continuing my studies through graduate school and ultimately a full time professorship, with tenure.

It’s amazing how many life skills translate from one field to another. Since one of my specialty disciplines is women’s studies, and since I’d at one time run a crisis intervention program for women, working in my husband’s OB/Gyn practice seemed natural and even comfortable. All I had to do was learn about nutritional supplements and weight management. 

We attended several bariatric and obesity conferences together to educate ourselves in this field and frankly, WIN (Wellness International Network) did the rest. I should say does the rest, as we regularly attend training sessions and continue to learn about the powerful results in health and well being these products provide.

Our weight and wellness patients thrive and we offer friends, patients and colleagues an awesome business opportunity, complete with frequent trainings both here in our office and in various hubs — which offer many opportunities to travel, work and have fun with interesting, intelligent and healthy happy people. That’s probably the best part of all.

In future blogs, I’ll share some of our “secrets” regarding product combinations for optimal results, testimonials, and beautiful acedotal stories. Stay tuned, and please, ask me anything you want to know. I love to read your comments.

Distributor for WIN

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Creativity often requires self-sabotage. For example, by calling my blog “Writing Into Fragments,” I convince myself that I can get back to writing longer, more difficult works by sliding back into the creative mode through writing fragments about writing.

And yet, these fragments so far haven’t been so much about writing as about defragmenting myself,  allowing for some difficult issues regarding family to surface, and creating a space to celebrate my move back to my home town of Houston along with renewal of old friends and estranged family.

Writing used to be second nature for me: I decided to return to college for a bachelor’s degree sometime in the mid-seventies; I began writing fiction when my dear friend Peggy Brown coerced me into taking a summer fiction workshop with the new writing professor Ronald Tobias at UTD, in 1981 (I think).

By the time I wrote my dissertation in the mid-nineties, I was a seasoned writer with a nice publication list (under a former married name) and a habit of living in bookstores and libraries in and all around the Dallas/Fort Worth/Denton metroplex. My life was circumscribed by intellectual pursuit–entertainment was hanging out with others like me, attending mostly women’s studies conferences, publishing in obscure book review journals and other forums read by other literati. In addition, I published two books, which I’m trying to link to this blog as a professional statement. This segment of my life represents my kind of fun, then.

My life has changed so drastically it would take two novels and a couple of memoirs to capture the differences. And while my writing life was fuller back then, my private life lacked passion, security, and shall we say flavor. I lived a narrow life. I prefer this broader more eclectic present shared with a loving partner and surrounded by family and friends from a wide variety of careers and backgrounds.

And yet, I must now embrace the former me as well: the me that writes. As I creep back into my old ways, I find I must play games with myself, find ways to entice the creative juices to bubble forth. I have begun writing plays–first  LUNCH a long family dramedy with a niece, Leslie Rice Hart, that ultimately introduced me to a wide and committed community of playwrights here in Houston. Since that first play, which enjoyed two public readings, I’ve written about five short plays for local festivals, two of which have been produced so far. The lastes short play, THE THIRD DATE, written with my life-long friend Dottie Simon Unger, is entered in this year’s 10×10 competition–and we find out tomorrow night if it will be produced this year. It’s all been a lot of fun. (It wasn’t but still had fun. Will search for other 10 minute play festivals.)

Now I’m ready to plunge into another full length play, and play with the idea of getting my long dissertation–a comprehensive biography of my spiritual guide, Claire Myers Owens (1896-1983) published. It’s been close to publication twice. Perhaps a third foray into the painful process will bring it to print and for me to closure.

I’m now noticing, however, the game I play with blog categories. In addition to writing, I’ve identied one called “Wellness and Weight”–a forum I intend to use as a means of clarifying my transformation from professor of Literature, Creative Writing, and Women’s Studies to counselor of Wellness and Weight Mangement in my husband’s medical practice. How are the two careers related? What are the crossovers? And more importantly, how can I express my true belief that wellness is the only way to manage health and weight, and that the WIN supplements we use are the best alternative to prescriptions for creating and maintaining a healthy life style. Preachy? Is it preachier (or any less important) than understanding the historical truths of suffrage, or the mind elevating devices of reading Faulkner or Anais Nin (among many others)?

And the third category I recently added–“Things of Beauty”–intends to express in writing the aesthetic sensibility I find in nature and art and the ways they too are linked to creativity.

Am I jostling those creative juices? Or feeding my ego, gratuitiously? Or hoping to carve out a time for myself in this new busy life I have recently created? You tell me.

Comments Invited: How do you nurture your creative soul? How do you distinguish gratuituous ego from self-determination? How do you reinvent yourself periodically? What life-determining choices influnce your day-to-day routine?

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