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Miraculous Moments on the Streets of Victoria BC

Today I received an email from my friend Sandy, who lives in Nashville, though we met in Dallas in 1967, when I was pregnant with my first child, Pepi. We were instant friends and soon she became pregnant with her first. When she delivered, I dreamed I was in the delivery room with her, and saw the baby as he arrived. The next day when I visited, I realized it had actually happened: I had met Andy somehow as he was born. (She called me her weirdest friend, but oh well.)

And yet, today, after emailing that we’d be passing through Nashville on Sunday, could we meet for lunch, she emailed back a long story about her current battle with breast cancer. Shocked and sorrowed, we spoke on the phone.

She has displayed such FORTITUDE getting through this. I asked why she didn’t let me know, after mulling over in my mind, would I have let her know? She said it’s just all been so hard, so crazy. She had lots of support from kids and grandkids. A lumpectomy was all that was needed. ¬†She was going to be fine; chemo is over, radiation is next. She will survive.

And for this I’m grateful, and yet sad: I love this person, a woman with whom I bonded all those 44 years ago. A sister in some ways, which I never had biologically. How did we grow apart? Our interests and circumstances diverting to different paths.

Yet forever we are bonded with a love tie. A miracle of friendship and trust. Tonight Bobby and I will chant the Misha Beret, weep, pray and fill our thoughts with love and light.

Sandy, we are here with you forever..
Love, Miriam


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