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A Nation in Mourning

What happened to America? Where has it gone? I miss the olden days; does that mean I’m old, or does it mean I’m sane?

Of course, anyone over 40 remembers playing outside as a child, riding one’s bike anywhere in the neighborhood, walking with friends to the corner grocery, shopping center, or drugstore. Anyone over 40 remembers how it felt to feel safe.

It’s been many years since we’ve known that kind of peace and security in America. Anyone over 50 remembers the Kennedy assassinations, followed by Martin Luther King’s, and later the attempt on Reagan. We all still mourn the loss of John Lennon–and wonder what in the world that was all about. We wonder about other catastrophes–Oklahoma City, then 9/11 and too many others to list here. What for? To prove we aren’t safe?

I can’t find the words to express the shock and sadness of the latest violent outburst of a madman–by that I don’t mean to say he’s insane and therefore not responsible–just “mad” on every level.

I think of a 40 year old, intelligent, loved, beautiful woman, a Congresswoman, lying with a hole in her head fighting for her life. Because she chose to speak to her constituents at a neighborhood shopping center and grocery store–the kind we all used to walk to in our youth.

And a child in fact now dead because she felt safe going to the rally to meet this woman, and try to learn from her. And others, old and young, injured or murdered because some “mad” man chose to shoot them all. Simple as that.

Mad! We’re all mad as we mourn. Mad! But we weren’t all mad before the Saturday shooting. No. We were just . . . living in America. Not safe, not secure. But living here and wondering what form of madness would come  next. Now we know.

Yet, I don’t know who to blame. The “Mad” talk show hosts who spout political venom? The “Mad” politicians who accuse one another of being UnAmerican or standing for the “wrong” principles? Why are so many people MAD, and when will they realize that being MAD all the time breeds a MADNESS we cannot control? A Madness that dooms us, our country, our children, our people of all ages.

Where is peace? Where is respect for the right to be right or wrong? Where is security? Where is America?


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